Campus Irena, Leuven

Immo Eckelmans was the first Belgian building promotor to launch the idea of building studios on university sites. The approach was to offer a comfortable studio with individual bathroom, kitchen and toilet. Simple, but revolutionary. Because in those days students in Louvain usually ended up with private landlords, in rooms with a communal kitchen and/or bathroom. As a matter of fact, the idea of solidarity amongst co-owners was born at this campus. Every owner always gets his return, even if his studio isn’t rented out at that time. Campus Irena Louvain guarantees a high occupancy rate (almost 99 %), thanks to its high quality and to our strict management. Be sure to take a look at our recently renovated bathrooms. Also discover that this site offers you the best value for money in Louvain and beyond: let our price lists below further convince you.

Practical information

  • rental contracts start at September 1st and end at August 31st of the next year
  • the price for the deposit equals 2 months’ rent
  • the insurance fee lies between € 14,25 and € 58,66 a year
  • • the rents for the academic year 2016 - 2017 range from € 300,41 to € 615,22 depending on the studio’s size

Below, you’ll find every type of studio on offer.